Root Web Consulting brings you the benefits of an IT Department, but without the costs associated with having one in-house. We provide services to help any size business take on the demands and growth required in this digital age. Our goal is to keep your servers, PC's, network equipment, and other digital equipment running efficiently and smoothly. Unlike others in this industry we never loose sight of our customers needs and do all we can to help them achieve success.


Consult with client to compare, plan, and develop a detailed proposal to help them achieve their desired goal.


Rapidly acquire, install, configure and deploy all Information Technology systems for client.


With proprietary methods and systems; we monitor, collect, and analyze all available data points. This allows us to take proactive measures and foresee issues before they even occur.


Continue to maintain and provide support throughout lifecycle of the implemented plan or product.

About the Company

IT and IS solutions that work for any business no matter how big or small. One stop for all your technology needs. In the digital age we help you take control of technology and make it work for you. We are a buisness owners best friend. The analogy is like a general contractor when doing construction, we take care of everything. You give us a vision and we get it done. Our modus operandi is we do it right the first time and only need to do a job once. We don't cut corners but as a result we are able to guarantee our work and deliver results.